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  • The Art and Archaeology of Geometric and Archaic Greece (face to face), Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, academic year 2024-2025 (instructor) – register here.
  • Minoans and Mycenaeans (online), Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, academic year 2024-2025 (instructor) – register here (Autumn), here (Spring) and here (Summer).



I am experienced in handling mixed ability groups and class dynamics. I also believe in providing students with clear, individualised feedback, so as to make their learning meaningful. I practise multimodal teaching (including replicas, museum collections, multimedia, online resources) and therefore construct rich Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).


(current and past)

  • University of Bristol, Department of Classics and Ancient History, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology.
  • University of Exeter, Department of Classics and Ancient History.
  • University of Oxford, Institute of Archaeology; Department for Continuing Education.
  • University of Kent, Classical and Archaeological Studies, School of European Culture and Languages.
  • Cardiff University, School of History, Archaeology and Religion.
  • Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, Winckelmann Institute of Classical Archaeology.
  • Cambridge University, Institute of Continuing Education.
  • University of Reading, School of Continuing Education.
  • University of Bath, Foreign Languages Centre, Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies.
  • City of Bristol College, Department of Skills for Life and Languages.
  • Dillington House, Ilminster.
  • WEA (Workers’ Educational Association), Reading branch.
  • Marlborough College, Summer School.
  • Academy of Art and Word, Volos, Greece.
  • Birkbeck College, London (guest lecture).
  • Bath Spa University, Bath, UK (guest lecture).
  • University of Durham, Department of Archaeology [external examiner].
  • University of Bristol, Department of Classics and Ancient History [external examiner].
  • University of Nottingham, Foreign Languages Centre, School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies [external examiner].


  • The Aegean Bronze Age (extensively, visual and material culture)
  • Ancient Greek visual and material culture (extensively, Geometric-Hellenistic, some Byzantine)
  • Greek Bronze to Iron Age transition (archaeology)
  • Material culture methodologies, archaeological method
  • Ancient Greek material culture + history (from sources)
  • Ancient Greek history (from written sources, but also combined with some material culture)
  • Ancient Greek Mythology from archaeological sources
  • Languages (Ancient Greek; Modern Greek)


  • Extended Essay and BA Dissertation supervision, PhD. co-supervision;
  • Course design, delivery, assessment; administration, course publicity;
  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) design;
  • Pastoral care, tutorials, face-to-face and online advice, marking;
  • Organisation of on-site learning in museum environments.


  • Ages: 17-80.
  • Nationalities: British, Irish, Spanish, Greek, American, French, Chinese, Japanese, Austrian, Argentinean, German, Russian, Portuguese, Mexican etc.
  • Educational Background: from non-academics to PhD. students.


(students and peers)

  • “From the very first class she has made the module highly enjoyable as well as interesting. It is a relaxed atmosphere that she creates and she has a good teaching style for all students. I wish that she had taught me for all of my modules.”
  • “One of the best courses I have attended, the amount of preparation and materials, balanced with great knowledge and enthusiastic delivery.”
  • “Outstanding teaching: well-pitched; challenging intellectually; supported by apposite articles; lively variation of activities; involved all participants successfully; great dignity yet sense of humour.”
  • “The atmosphere of the class was one of mutual respect and learning and it was obvious that the students were getting a lot from it and enjoying it. […] Anna is obviously an expert in the subject and [on] top of her material and has a[n] excellent delivery style which conveys enthusiasm and encourages involvement”.
  • “One of the best courses I’ve ever been on here!”
  • “You did an excellent job with a well prepared and well taught Course. As someone who was a University lecturer (Chemistry) for some 40 years I can recognize a very, very good teacher when I meet one.”
  • “Anna shared enormous enthusiasm. […] Anna knows her subject really well.”
  • “Excellent, we were all given opportunity to express our thoughts in discussions, group work and role play. […] Thank you so much Anna for your excellent teaching methods.”
  • “[…] Anna was most inventive in the range of teaching methods she used – and this was very successful in getting us engaged with the subject. She managed not only to give us an introduction to the Minoans but also got us to consider some interesting and complex aspects of modern archaeology and archaeological theory. The visit to the British Museum was extremely well thought-out.”
  • “Anna is excellent – materials, presentation, content all first class.”
  • “The tutor is clearly an intelligent and committed teacher and engaged extremely well with the group.”
  • “Exceptionally good use of elicitation of students’ views”.
  • “Outstanding – Anna had clearly given a great deal of thought to the course structure and it paid off.”
  • “Excellent course, very informative, lots of hands-on and interactive pieces to keep the brain working”.
  • “Very well presented. I liked the participation intervals”.
  • “Excellent tutor – excellent course!”
  • “Anna is a brilliant teacher and engages us totally throughout the lesson”.
  • “One of the best courses I have attended, the amount of preparation and materials, balanced with great knowledge and enthusiastic delivery.”
  • “This was an excellent and thought-provoking course that gave new insights […]. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • “Excellent preparation and responsiveness to students’ contributions and questions. Very thought-provoking programme.”
  • “Outstanding – especially pacing, allowing completion of each topic. Great handouts.”
  • “A well-integrated blend of media”.
  • “Our tutor was inspiring, a most lively professional, with excellent current knowledge and active experience, who gave us the tools to deepen our studies, as well as both wide and detailed pictures of the subject. I aim to study further with her, wherever she may be teaching.”
  • “Dr. Simandiraki was at all times inspiring. She is a first-class tutor, had clearly put a great deal of thought and hard work into preparing for the course, and always managed the group with tact, humour and encouragement. Her knowledge of her own field seems undoubted. A superb tutor and excellent course.”
  • “Anna is an outstanding [sic] good and suitable tutor for adult education courses. Her knowledge is wide and thorough and her approach is friendly and encouraging and interactive.”
  • “Anna really made us think […]. I think I will remember the information because of the method of teaching!”
  • “You have opened new windows for us.”
  • “I loved this course. It was exactly as I expected. Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw is a very engaging tutor who has a great teaching style; the two hour sessions just flew by. I particularly liked the way she made the effort to bring in books and small objects relevant to each lesson; this is definitely going the extra mile in teaching.”

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